Our story

Volunteer USA  works to positively impact the lives of  families and communities 

  • 32,500 students; teens & future leaders who mentor elementary school students struggling with reading
  • 1.6 million families who are committed to improving their lives & improving their literacy skills
  • Thousands of eco-volunteers who are helping to conserve & improve our beautiful parks and precious natural environment

Our Mission 

Volunteer USA’s mission is to inspire a spirit of volunteerism to make our communities stronger.

Our Leadership

Volunteer USA was founded in 2007 by a group of leaders including former Governor Jeb Bush, our honorary chair, Barney Bishop of Associated Industries of Florida and Liza McFadden, a long-time advocate for families. We believe that big and caring hearts can change the world. To do this, we design programs where results are clear and costs are low. We partner with nonprofits, corporations, schools and individuals. Please join us.

To learn more about our Foundation and programs, please feel free to contact our staff by email: or by calling 850.562.5300.